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Thoughts from David Cornelius


PicViewer is a Windows 32-bit program that lets you scan through a bunch of graphic files (.JPG, .BMP, .ICO, etc.). It has a full screen mode in which the background is black and the cursor is hidden. In this mode, the spacebar or arrow keys step through each of the graphic files in the directory thus making it easy to give a slide show. A movie mode has been added to provide automated naviation. The pictures can be scaled to fit the window or shown in full-size mode with scrollbars if needed. Command-line parameters can start in a given directory, initiate movie mode, etc. The files can be filtered by type (file extension). This project has ceased further development because of the automatic picture viewing built in to Windows XP and above (which works better and has more features). See the project's SourceForge web site for more information. Written in Delphi 6. Open Source by Cornelius Concepts.