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Thoughts from David Cornelius


A few months ago, Jim McKeeth, Chief Developer Advocate & Engineer for Embarcadero, invited me to join Embarcadero's MVP Program (Most Valuable Professional). People in this program are chosen partly because of their enthusiasm for the products and partly because of their community support, whether it be blogging, writing a book, giving webinars, or supporting user groups.

I am passionate about programming and use Delphi more than any other tool. In fact, I've used it since it was first published by Borland and used Turbo Pascal before that, starting with my first, long-term programming job in 1988. I happily jumped on board when the first version of Delphi was released in 1995 removing all barriers for rapid application development on Windows. Soon after, I attended the first meetings of what became the Oregon Delphi User Group. In 2000, with the leaving of the leader of the group, I stepped forward to continue organizing meetings--which we still regularly hold to this day.

There seems to be an upward trend in the interest and use of Delphi recently. I've found several online forums where younger programmers are using this toolset to work on new and interesting projects--and asking hard questions! I'm trying to share what I know when and where I can. Another way I'm sharing is by writing my first book, Fearless Cross-Platform Development with Delphi. It's slated for programmers that may have been using Delphi for many years writing Windows VCL applications and need to update their skills but are afraid of what it will take in terms of time and effort to conquer the learning curve of supporting mobile devices.

So it is with honor that I have joined the ranks of other recognized professionals that love and promote Delphi and related Embarcadero products. Check out the MVP Directory to see others around the world.

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