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Thoughts from David Cornelius

I had no idea infections could cause a sunburn-like rash, but that's what happened on my stomach after going home from my appendectomy. I thought a heat-lamp had been too strong on me during surgery or something. Anyway, my bandages were leaking and not looking good, so Saturday morning, my wife drove me to the hospital again and I checked myself in for post-appendectomy check up. I figured I'd be waiting in the lobby for her to come pick me back up. Wrong. The appendix was so bad when it was removed, there was actually very good possibility of infection--why hadn't I been told that when I left just days before? I guess the surgeon always likes to think positive. Anyway, it looks like I'll be in just as long this time as last.

So I'm continuing my quest for Drupal knowledge. Studying themes a little this last week told me real quick I was in need for some serious CSS studying. I had no idea you could paint cut corners into a box of text using only CSS. In fact I ran across a site called, CSS Zen Garden, that takes a plain HTML file and renders many beautiful variations of a web site by simply changing the .CSS file (and some associated graphics).

Next comes modules. I thought I was OK on PHP, and I understand object-oriented programming with Delphi, but writing PHP hooks into this system is all new to me. Fortunately, there are many examples and free code to look at--it's just going to take a while to figure it all out.

I just love new technologies! :D


wife (not verified) Sun, 07/06/2008 - 00:28

You are hilarious. You have been in excruciating pain for the past week, have checked yourself into the hospital for what turns out to be an emergency appendectomy, and you are writing how great it is that you get time to study DRUPAL? I knew I married a computer addict.....