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Thoughts from David Cornelius


Well, let's turn that sad face from the last entry upside down! Or, at least make the best of my current situation.

Saturday morning, I awoke early with a horrendous stomach ache. It was hard to move, I did everything slowly and I couldn't find a comfortable position, so I got up. But that didn't help much or for long. I skipped church, didn't do much all day long, but went to an evening vespers program--which I barely lived through. That night, using an old piece of software called Family Doctor, I learned I might have appendicitis. Early Sunday morning, I called my doctor who asked similar questions my software had and arrived at the same conclusion. I drove myself to the hospital and had my already gangrenous appendix removed the same day.

Recovering today (Monday) in the hospital with my laptop and a wireless internet connection, I realized was the perfect time to study Drupal. I started reading through it and trying out some of the demo features and learning about this and that. But you know? It's just not the same unless you can try it out for your self--installing and configuring all the options. I had installed the bulk of it from home before landing in the hospital, but now I wanted to extend it. The only problem was that I couldn't upload files to my account to test the capabilities because the hospital's firewall prevents all protocols except HTTP and HTTPS. But a quick search on the internet for a web-based FTP program yielded a nifty PHP application called, phpWebFTP. My friend Jeff was able to quickly download it and install it in my account for me (Thank you!). Back to work! 8-)