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Thoughts from David Cornelius

I'm a passionate software developer having worked in a variety of industries using several different programming environments for over 30 years. I started back in the mid-1980s using Turbo Pascal, did some assembly on Apple IIs and PCs, endured long builds of Microsoft C projects, and built my first web sites from scratch in HTML and PHP until I discovered Drupal. My programming environment of choice is the highly productive Delphi toolset pioneered by Borland and now published by Embarcadero. With it, I can write robust back-end server applications that access databases of all kinds and integrate with web services around the world. I've also found it to be surprisingly simple to build cross-platform apps, encapsulating all the nuances of a very diverse set of devices with relative ease.

My business, Cornelius Concepts, started out as a side-gig while I was still in college and still more than pays for my "computer hobby." I develop desktop and mobile applications, build websites, manage cloud-based databases, and maintain legacy Delphi projects for a variety of clients. But I also have a full-time job as a Delphi programmer.

In 2021, I wrote Fearless Cross-Platform Development with Delphi, a book about the wonderful journey of taking your Delphi programming skills to encompass the mobile, web, and IoT platforms. Reading it, you'll learn how to use the versatile FireMonkey framework on multiple platforms with one code-base, use two very different database products, write a 3D game, and build a usable mobile app for your phone, all tied to your choice of stand-alone or web-based server modules. You can order this book from Packt Publishing or Amazon.

I have a GitHub account with several small open source projects, mostly in Delphi, and contribute to a few. I've written an automated way to download packages from the GetIt Package Manager in Delphi, AutoGetIt. I also like LiveBindings and have written several extension methods in another repository.

I'm honored to be recognized as an Embarcadero MVP and do my best to promote their products and share my experiences. One of the ways I give back to the community is by hosting a local user group. If you live in or near Oregon and use Delphi, perhaps I've met you. I've been the coordinator for the Oregon Delphi User Group since 2000, hosted several Borland/Embarcadero launch tours, and presented there myself on multiple occasions. I'm also an active board member of the Oregon Computer Consultants Association.

To learn a little more about what it's like writing code for a living, read Embarcadero's blog series, "What's it like to be a developer" that includes my interview with Ian Barker.

Besides my love of programming, I do get up from behind the keyboard once in a while. I have a wonderful family, enjoy camping and hiking in the Columbia River Gorge and Cascade Mountains of the Pacific Northwest, compete with friends in a variety of strategy board games, ride my motorcycle when the weather is decent, help in the audio/visual department of my local church, and play bass guitar when the opportunity arises. If you'd like to send me a personal message, fill out the contact form.